Lil Peep “Come Over When Youre Sober” Stream, Tracklist & Cover Art

In fact, many sobriety tattoos programs use the triangle to represent the re-connection of a person’s mind, body, and soul as they become sober. Choosing to overcome addiction marks an important moment in a person’s life. Thus, time-representative recovery tattoos can both serve as a more positive reminder of a person’s past, as well as a source of hope for their future. In some cases, this tattoo works as a great reminder of a person’s commitment to living a better life. However, in the event that a person relapses, this sobriety tattoo may instead be a painful reminder of their initial failure to become substance-free. Of course, there are some downfalls with getting a sobriety tattoo that an individual may want to keep in mind.

  • Post Malone also has a portrait of the rapper on his arm.
  • The information provided by Find Addiction Rehabs is not a substitute for professional treatment advice.
  • Peep’s work was always deeply personal; he sang candidly about drug use, suicide and other topics in a way that feels more poignant and devastating with him gone.
  • Womack isn’t just a bereaved mother but a steward of Lil Peep’s work, and she has spoken of her investment in Come Over Pt.
  • While it is most common to get the whole serenity prayer inked on one’s body, some people may choose to highlight a few keywords to make it more personal or less of a larger piece.

For starters, many people may choose to get the exact time and date they began their sobriety permanently inked on their body. For many individuals who have or are actively overcoming addiction, this recovery process can be extremely difficult. Sobriety tattoos can help ease this struggle, through serving as a permanent badge of a person’s determination to become sober and achieve a more stable life. The reason Peep was so popular – with famous artists, with ageing emos, and with teenagers – was because he was authentic. Not a single decision he made was made for clout or to be cool; he wore Hello Kitty beanies, painted his nails red, openly adored emo. I was lucky enough to interview him and he was one of the sweetest, funniest and most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure to speak to.

Can I smoke after tattoo?

Whatever the reason for getting one, a Lil Peep tattoo captures everything the rapper brought to the industry while bringing meaning to the lives of people he touched through his music. Or, perhaps, you’ll decide to get a Lil Peep tattoo that resembles one that the rapper had. As I mentioned before, there are plenty to choose from since his body was a canvas for some of the most unique and quirky tattoos. It is in a visible spot, and Evan particularly was concerned about the optics. The four dots after it represent Evan and the kids and the journey that will continue on…. Cara Delevingne is covered in more than a dozen tattoos; both her forearms are inked, as are her feet and neck.

you’re sober

Despite the care taken to honor Lil Peep’s legacy, the creation of “Come Over When You’re Sober, Part 2” was not without controversy or compromise. In September, Columbia released a song called “Falling Down,” a posthumous collaboration between Peep and the late XXXTentacion. The two shared artistic DNA—they were both tattooed depressives with huge online followings and a knack for genre deconstruction—but they had never met. Some of Peep’s friends have argued, on social media, that Peep would have rejected the partnership, and protested XXX’s treatment of women. After he passed, his handlers and producers worked to keep him on the song.

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They’ll usually recommend an ointment to keep the area moisturized as well as advise you to avoid sun exposure while your tattoo is in the process of healing. You can feel that devotion poured into the result, evinced as much by what’s here as by what’s not. There are no tagged-on features, no maudlin tributes, no voices pushing from the margins to share the spotlight with Peep.


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